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Annual 2022 Chairman Report 

Hello great people,


It’s with great appreciation that I address you, the animation community. With about 250 days to the end of this year’s calendar, I take this opportunity to wish you well for the remainder of the year. As you look ahead, the A3K office took time to reflect on the year 2022 and we saw it fit to share our community’s wins.


In striving to build a cohesive association and animation community at large, 2022 was a year filled with grace. We were bouncing back from the prolonged effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses started sprouting back to life, not only in our sector but the entire value chain within the creative economy.


Last year, we celebrated several achievements ranging from exhibiting at the 5th Kalasha International market at our own outstanding Animation Pavillion to some A3K office members undergoing governance training at the Panga Sanaa Building Strong Associations Initiative. To add to our cup of blessings, we held a successful International Animation Day and held A3K’s second animation competition dubbed Imarisha Ubunifu several years after Bursted, the first Animation Competition in 2019.


These wins paved way for our association to serve us all by slowly but surely nurturing and strengthening the animation community


These small wins led to big wins in our pursuit to build and strengthen an association that can serve us all. Looking back we spent a lot of time and burnt several midnight oils all in the spirit of improving and growing the association to make it even stronger. Our vision to foster both local and international collaborations, co-productions, and master classes to further hone our skills will soon come to pass. To do this we will need to work together. You, me, the community, and other stakeholders. Only together shall we raise the creative economy in our region.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire A3K office that I serve with for voluntarily being at the forefront ensuring that the animation community grows solidly as one of the key stakeholders in the Kenyan film industry. A leader in the Orange Economy. Additionally, I appreciate all the members who honored the call to serve the association at various industrial engagements throughout 2022.


It is my greatest hope that we keep the spirit of the association alive, go out, and be our ambassadors. Reach out to other animators who are out there alone and bring them into the fold. Let’s get to see more practitioners join the association and together we will build the kind of animation industry we want. Without any further ado, here is a trip back in time to celebrate the year that was, the year 2022.


Thank you all and I wish you well.


Best Regards


Harto Muhato

A3K Chairman.


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