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On Saturday the 9th of august 2022, the day was just like any other day. The clock was ticking, the light came in as usually around 6:00 Oclock in the morning and the majority of us had just had a good night’s sleep ready for the day ahead of us where we were to have a day off our working desk and go network, interact and share on an offscreen hangout as the majority of us take 14hours+ staring at the screens in their workplace or at home while working.

What made the 9th stand out from any other day was one thing, not two not three one thing! A peep out the window made me think that due to earth’s revolution, we had just been shifted to the top of Mt Kenya. Wonder why? All I could see were low clouds and fog staring back at me with no chills at all. Unapologetic as the low clouds seemed to be, I was of high spirit on the hangout and I couldn’t imagine a day that we had planned for-for weeks was not to be. As I was glancing through the window I think I saw a baby penguin 

How it looked outside
Baby penguin!

As a stone age person who lives in the 21st century, I reached out to my friend and I hope you aren’t waiting for me to say google and asked what the temperature in Nairobi is Today. Hapa ndo nilijua we are doomed! It was  14° celsius watu wa  fahrenheit tumalizanie hapa sitaki madeni  (14°C × 9/5) + 32 = 57.2°F

For the first time, Haraka haraka ….. ilikuwa na baraka, I consulted with my colleagues about whether we should call the outdoor hangout off or go ahead with it and we were divided half the middle. 

On a quick thought, we opted on creating a group of all the people that had purposed to attend the hangout to deliberate on whether to call it off or continue with it

Hapa ndo tulijua tuko na wanajeshi. Before anyone could say anything in the group, this was Jeff

 followed by David but Ernest wasn’t buying the idea of lets do this from Jeff and David. From how he typed we all knew he was shivering.

To confirm alitumia hii picha hapa.

On the idea of Jeremy Masakha for us to change time, Ernest Suggested that we shift things to 12 noon as it will be 2 degrees warmer but it would still be 12 degrees colder than normal 28 degrees accustomed with Nairobi.

No sooner had people finished talking about the venue than it started drizzling and with this Dennis mbuthia suggested we change the venue to indoor, Now we had two teams, team Dennis mikonoo juuu!! Only Dennis and a +1 had there had up.

By this time Team Jeff and David had gotten a name Lets Just do it and they continued to entertain us with there memes,


Now I found myself playing referee but looking at the weather weeeh! you know where my option was.

So I said 

o May I raise the Question?

Based on the weather should we

A. Go ahead and have the event at the said venue?

B. Be on the wait to see if the weather will turn to our favour and we have the event later in the day?

C. Post pone the event to a later date?

D. Turn it into an Online meet up?

We we we,  We! option D seemed to have increased sugar in one Mary  as she posted 

“Online meet-up doesn’t make sense, should be an off-screen hangout”

We had to scrap it off the list completely.

Dennis continued to suggest we change to online or we go to wasanii lounge at Kenya Cultural Center (Wengi wenu munaijua kama KNT- Kenya National Theater) but kuna msee alisema yeye ako na doh ya kumfikisha aboratum na 30bob tu ya kununua njugu.

To cut the long story short in the long run Daudi na Jeff walishida and we opted to meet at noon as suggested by Ernest at the arboretum as it was meant to be but hapa ilikuwa kujitolea. ( @Jeff whats the kiswahili equivalent of your Name? Tuambie hapo kwa comment). Kuna msee alidai hatacome hataki homa ya manyunyu… mukitaka kumjua request kwa comment.

Come saa sita! Manze, the sky had cleared, the day went well we had fun, we played several card games, shared, interacted,  tukabeba mayai na kijiko – tulijua sisi wote tunafeel economy vile iko mbaya cz hakuna mtu ata mmoja aliangusha mayai… We had a full animation production pipeline and we were glad to have one full animation family join us Baba Mama na Watoto eeeeih semeni kubarikiwa. 

So you missed this hangout we dont want you to miss the next, so be on the look out for when the office will publish the next outdoor hangout (kulisemekana tutanyang’anya mbuzi kichwa!) and if we happen to have an indoor one soon pia umealikwa.

Katika dakika za lala salama za hii siku we passed by Alliance Francaise to see the photo exhibition by the Photographers Association of Kenya and Oti from PAK was with us to take us through the exhibition. 

Shukran kwa wote muliojiwakilisha. Bidiiyenyu ilifanya joto iongezeke maradufu!.

Everyone, back to warming your sits, See you at the next Outdoor Hangout.


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